Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are usually not life-threatening but in some cases they may require immediate care. The following are some signs you may notice if your child has any problems in his/her mouth and may need immediate treatment.

  • If your child is having disturbed sleep, pointing at a tooth, avoids hard food, avoids anything hot/cold/ sweet, chewing on one side, moodiness ect
  • If your child constantly complaints of pain, episodes of fever, infection
  • If your child cannot bite properly
  • If there is bleeding from the gum and it is uncontrollable
  • Any ulcers on his lips, tongue or other areas of mouth
  • If your child knocks his front tooth while playing and the tooth is loose/ gone in/ hanging out
  • If the adult tooth is knocked and hanging there loose, try to put the tooth back in the same position (make sure it is the adult tooth and not the baby one). If the adult tooth is out of the mouth, try to put it back in or immediately put it in the milk and visit the dentist on the same day. Do not put the baby tooth back inside the socket.
  • If there is any broken tooth
  • If a trauma happened few weeks ago, the tooth might discolour sometimes. Visit the dentist to further assess this.

We are available 24/7 as emergency dental service. Please call us and our kids specialist will guide you from there.

Note : There will be a surcharge if the call is after working hours and on weekends (Sunday and Monday) for the specialist.