Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen sedation (laughing gas) helps your child to relax throughout the dental procedure. This has a mild pain-relieving effect as well. It has rapid onset and is reversible. Your child will feel like he is floating up the air or feel very light or may be starts laughing on inhaling this gas. It is well tolerated by children and has got excellent safety record. Your child will be fully conscious and responds to the question and commands Additional information will be provided at the treatment planning visit, where your child will be assessed to see if they will benefit from treatment with “laughing gas” sedation.

Children easily perceive anxiety on others (especially from anxious parents/ siblings). Do not mention words such as needle, pain, injection, sharp etc. The dentist will explain your child step by step on the day of appointment. Depending on the severity of this reaction, treatment may be abandoned. Please do not bring your other children to this appointment as your child will need full attention.