Oral Sedation

We use Midazolam as oral sedation in children. We treat children above 7 years old. The oral sedation is mixed with a sweet drink (to avoid the bitter taste) and given to your child. It takes at least 20-30 minutes to work. During treatment your child’s pulse and oxygen saturation are monitored. Please let us know if your child has had any reactions to other sedatives drugs such as Phernagan, Histafine (Chlopheniramine) etc and inform us if parents have had any reactions to other drugs as well.

Oral Midazolam works well for most of children but sometimes there are side effects of oral sedatives. The “angry child syndrome” is a rare side effect that is self-limiting once the drug wears off. Depending on the severity of this reaction, treatment may be abandoned.

Certain foods may change your child’s reaction to sedation procedures. This food may ‘react’ with the sedative agent that is being administered, and delay/alter the desired effect. Fasting instructions will be given appropriately prior to the procedure.

Children easily understand anxiety on others (especially from anxious parents). Hence please help us by reassuring your child pre- and post- operatively. Do not mention words such as needle, pain, injection, etc. The specialist will explain your child step by step on the day of appointment. Please do not bring your other children to this appointment as your child will need full attention during the procedure.