We provide high quality restorations to ensure your child’s natural teeth are protected and their oral health is no longer compromised. However Restorative treatment of dental caries alone does not stop the disease process. Restorations have a finite lifespan.


We provide composite resin restoration (white filling) which are tooth coloured filling that are used on the upper anterior (front) teeth and in the posterior (back) teeth. These fillings are used only when the cavity is small and restorable. We use Strip crowns which are nothing but composite restoration used in the upper anterior teeth (front teeth)

We also use Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC) which releases small amount of fluoride and beneficial for patients who are at high caries risk.


When a child has large cavity and simple filling cannot protect or fix the tooth, stainless steel crowns are used. These are recommended options for children with severe dental caries.