First visit

The purpose of our first visit with you is to meet you (the parent) and your child, assess their behaviour, dental status, their capability to cope with dental treatment if any as well as suggest any necessary treatment or advice as required.

We usually do not offer treatment (in most cases) at our consultation appointment. This is due to their different demands and/or age, and the fact that many of our patients are too young to cope with the nature of the treatment itself .The time taken for the consultation appointment will be around 45 minutes. Full examination (teeth, gums, tonsils, jaw etc) and where necessary, radiographs (x-rays) and photographs will be taken at this appointment if needed. Please bring the x-ray copy (if any) given to you by the previous dentists/ oral health therapists. Our kids specialist will then discuss the treatment plan and give you options.

Prepare your child prior to the dental visits by talking to them about the forthcoming visit in a positive manner with simple words. Avoid words such as “needle”, “it won’t hurt”, “injection”, “sharp”. You can in fact explain that the first visit will be ” a ride on the dental chair” and ” counting your teeth”.